Dear patients, Given the current situation, the prices for physiotherapy consultations will be adjusted from Monday 24/10/2022. 1st session: 52.5 euros Follow-up sessions: 35 euros If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to speak to one of the therapists during the consultation. Regards, The PhysioBxl team


Sports rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries such as tendon inflammation, tear of the anterior cruciate ligament, meniscus injuries, frozen schoulder, knee and shoulder prostheses, ankle distortions….

Manual therapy:

Treatment of back and neck pain via mobilizations and manipulations in combination with re-education and an active exercise therapy.
Indications? Discus hernia, whiplash, lumbago, scoliosis, chronic low back pain and neck pain and atrosis.

Dry Needling:

Treatment of pain via trigger points / muscle nodes by means of acupuncture needles.


Taping / sports taping: taping techniques to support injuries.

Back school:

Combined therapy where back pain is examined in a hollistic way. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of mobility, strength, motor control, lifting techniques and ergonomics.
The goal? Learning techniques, principles of movement and exercises to tackle back and neck problems.